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Decepticon Commander, Megatron

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Decepticon Commander, Megatron Empty Decepticon Commander, Megatron

Post by Megatron on Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:23 am

Decepticon Commander, Megatron 1_prof11
*Admin's Age
~ 21 ~
*Character Name
~ Megatron of Tarn ~
~ Decepticon ~
~ Commander ~
*Alt Modes
~ Stealth Bomber (main)
~ Heavy Tank (should he be damaged enough to require repair, only through rp event. After such event, bomber will be unavailable.)

*Face Claim ~ (Humans Only.)
Decepticon Commander, Megatron Iphone10
*Weapon(s) of Choice
~ Rail Gun(bomber)/Fusion Cannon(tank), Fists, Hidden Blades (bomber mode only) ~
~ Mass Displacement (altering size, but drains energy), Stealth Paint (bomber mode only), Space Bridge Portal (tech implanted) ~
~ A serious and driven warlord that rose from the lowly position of a gladiator. He distrusts even his closest subordinates, finding that he should always be watching his back.
~ Megatron lost focus after falling so deep into this rage-filled war, his initial intentions turning him into something he wished to remove from the Senate. Since the war began, he has not written another section to his biography or a poem. Though Megatron no longer is a miner, he still remembers much of what he was forced to do as one and as such has been able to direct the digs for Energon rather effectively.
~ This form of Megatron is based on G1 Continuity up to before the 'Deceptigod' arc.
*The Awakening*

The silent night aboard the Nemesis proved to be a long one for the warlord. While his subordinates still rested in stasis mode, he roamed the halls of the Nemesis to inspect the ship's conditions himself. Though he was of high status now, he prided himself on still being able to perform the menial tasks of mere grunts in a pinch. After finding that everything was in check, he took to going above deck to view the landscape.

"...Earth.." he muttered as he gazed upon the organic landscape.
"How quaint that we ended up here, let alone think of being able to find Energon on such a primitive planet," he amused himself.
It was the middle of the night in the North American landscape, the only other source of light besides the light glow from Megatron was the stars and Moon above him. Megatron hopped down from the deck to the ground, his heavy frame causing a heavy and quite audible 'thud'.

"Soft.. easy to dig but dangerous for deeper caverns.. we will need to reinforce the walls to avoid cave ins," he noted as he walked for a bit on the landscape before transforming and taking flight to scout out the area around. Since no other members were present, someone had to do the grunt work.
Plus he had to test his new alt mode. Flying is much different than driving, so it was good that noone was able to witness his errors while flying. By morning, though, he soon was able to get a grip of his flight capabilities.
Internally, he smirked. "I believe it is time for everyone to wake. There is much work to be done."

Decepticon Commander, Megatron Megatron

Decepticon Commander, Megatron SLMegatron_stealth_bomber_mode

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