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Commander Starscream Empty Commander Starscream

Post by Starscream on Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:25 pm

Commander Starscream Http3a14

*Admin Age~ 19

*Character Name~ Starscream

*Group~ Decepticon

*Rank~ Second in Command, Seeker, Commander

*Alt Modes~ F-15 Eagle fighter jet

Commander Starscream Resize11

*Weapon(s) of Choice~ Null Ray, Missiles.

*Skills/Strengths~ Starscream has a mutant, indestructible spark. His life force cannot be destroyed and can survive even with out a body to contain it. However, neither him or anybody else knows of this- it’s best no one does.
Prefers to use speed and guile rather than brute force than his destructive leader.

*Personality~ Starscream, really is just as evil as Megatron. Being ruthless and cruel, he often looks down on Megatron and the other Decepticons as thugs so his ambition to lead the Decepticons isn’t concealed. However he always chooses not to act to his goal unless the plan is guaranteed success.
Starscream and Megatron argue as such, in which can lead to violent breakouts. Megatron normally dismisses Starscream with wounds, putting him in his place in front of the others.

*Other~ Starscream is rather mischievous. He cannot be trusted under any circumstance, while some may find him pretty predictable, he likely isn’t. Though his plans are usually thought out as murder and frame, when he does it is what’s unpredictable.

*Role Play Sample~
Starscream pondered about in his room after yet another failed attempt at destroying the Autobots. He growled thinking back to the beating they all inflicted from the opposing rivals; the shots he endured from that pathetic welp, Sunstreaker. It was only an hour or two into repairing his wing, and Starscream was already overhearing Brawl yell about blowing the Autobots up the next shot he gets. Truly these thug always come up with inexplicable plans, which is why they were habitually failing!

"Slagging Decepticons.." Starscream muttered to himself as he finally sat down to clean his pedes, "..consistently going along with whatever that fool has up his sleeve, and what does it do? It fails us all.." He huffed looking out his window from the base they were located on. It sort of made him question why they were still on this dirt planet to begin with. They could just made a space bridge, gather Energon for it, and be back home leaving the Autobots here. Teh, probably because one Decepticon can't keep their voice chip shut and draw a whole bunch of attention to make those Autobots feel welcome to our party.

"..I know for sure..one day, that overglorified fool of a leader will fall..and I will show those Autobots how real Decepticons play their games." It made him chuckle at the thought. Cybertron is finally theirs, the Autobots are vanquished, end of story. Starscream stood up and looked out his window again, with a few minor thoughts about everything that's happened throughout his life and how he came to be here now. It seemed to not matter now, as his brilliant leader now called everyone to the main room. 'Another plan, I'm guessing?' Starscream thought with a chuckle and headed out of his room for yet another useless plan.

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