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Medic, Knockout

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Medic, Knockout Empty Medic, Knockout

Post by Knockout on Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:05 pm

Medic, Knockout Qerg_012
*Admin's Age*
~ 21. ~
*Character Name*
~ Knockout. ~
~ Decepticon. ~
~ Medic. ~
*Alt Modes*
~ Aston Martin DB8, customized. ~
Face Claim (Humans Only.)
~ Medic, Knockout Tumblr12 ~
*Weapon(s) of Choice*
~ Go to is his battle staff. It emits a charge strong enough to even take down Prime temporarily.
(See "Deus Ex Machina" from Transformers Prime)
~ Though he does not use them as often in battle, he will also use his power saw and drill
~ Used only once, but Knockout does apparently have access to blasters while in his alt mode.
(Most likely uses them to take out targets in pursuit when he is unable to fight with melee weapons.)

~ Trained as a medic. Specialty is field, cosmetic, and experimental weaponry.
~ Is also a bit of a smooth talker. Not to the same degree as Starscream, of course, but he is a flatterer.

~ Sassy, flirty, and a bit sadistic.
~ This quick minded speedster is known to flirt with the enemy during conflicts to throw them off guard a bit before trying to take them down.
~ He is known to hold grudges.

~ Knockout is very tense and has a strong distrust to humans. After seeing what humans were willing to do to Cybertronians, he dislikes humans much more than Autobots.
~ He enjoys a good street race, despite how much he doesn't like humans. He joins them mainly to show off his paint job.
~ As sadistic as Knockout seems, he is still a medic at spark. His sadism is a role he had been playing for too long and he has actually started to embrace his role.
~ Knockout originally was going to be an Autobot, however he was a bit of a delinquent and a drop out from medical school when he joined the Decepticons.

~ Depending on how rps go, he will jump to the Autobot side as he did in Transformers Prime.

Medic, Knockout 16195810
"31, county. Commencing pursuit. In pursuit of some racers that just blew by me heading West on I-64."
"I copy, 31. County local patrols, attempt to locate racing vehicles."

"Looks like we have made some friends, racers," Knockout commented through the racer radios.
"Come on, rookies. Let's give them something worthwhile to chase," he smirked, his holoform gripping his wheel as he sped on down the road towards the horizon, chasing the sunset. As Knockout and the racers sped on, the numbers started to dwindle as the racers were caught one by one. A chopper was flying overhead as a couple of police trailed after him and the remaining racers.

As they sped through the finish marker, Knockout stopped for a moment and sped between the oncoming police to disappear into the night.

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