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Predicon Dinobot Empty Predicon Dinobot

Post by Dinobot on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:25 pm

Predicon Dinobot Image10
Name: Dinobot
Group: Predicon  (Later Maximal)
Rank: Soilder
Alt Mode: Velociaraptor
Weapon(s): Sword, Optic Lazer Beams, Hooked Claws.
Skills/Strengths: Skilled in combat and defense.

Persionallity: Despite being hard and hot headed, Dinobot lives the life of an honorable warrior. He is not a deceptive killer like his Predicon brothers and Decpticon ancestors. Dinobot believes in mercy as well as fair battle. Because of this, he has no interest in serving Megatron and joins the Maximals. However, Dinobot cannot ignore his Predicon programming, which causes tension and distrust between him and the crew. He himself doesn't truly believe he belongs there, and so he doesn't belong anywhere. Dinobot would rather work alone, but he will always put on a heroic stunt when called for. Despite his flaws, Dinobot is a great warrior on the battlefield.

Other: Dinobot has discovered an interest in Human poetry and Shakespeare. He will even quote these readings from time to time.
While in beast mode, Dinobot acts more savage and animalistic compared to when he's in his normal mode.
It is rumored that Dinobot is a descendant of Starscream.

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