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Post by Windblade on Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:15 pm

Autobot Windblade A7d98710

"To side with all of creation, that's a Cityspeaker's true calling."

Name: Windblade
Group: Autobot
Rank: Warrior, Cityspeaker
Alt Mode: VTOL jet
Weapon(s) of Choice: Twin swords
Skills/Strengths: Communicating with Metrotitans, swordsmanship

Personality: Windblade is a young femme who values duty and truth; no matter the circumstance. This fuels her headstrong nature, at the same time leads her to trust a little too easily, much to the chagrin of her good friend and bodyguard Chromia. She is a fairly skilled swordswoman and combatant, but her claim to fame is her rare talent for communicating with dormant Metrotitans, for which she bears the title of Cityspeaker.
While still having a lot to learn, she copes with hardships and deals with them the way she deems honorable.

Other: When friendships are concerned, things are a little rocky for Windblade. Who can be trusted and who to be wary of may sometimes be tricky -- what with the uncertainties with Chromia, and Starscream's straight-forward tactics. Nonetheless, she aims to resolve conflicts in the most peaceful manner possible.

Presently, she is stationed on Earth to aid Bumblebee and his team put a stop to global Decepticon threats.

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